I would rec­om­mend the “Fight Back for Women” to all women. The skills you learn in the sem­i­nar are invalu­able in giv­ing you those few extra sec­onds to stun your attacker and get away. Your con­fi­dence in your abil­i­ties to defend your­self will increase and you will learn prac­ti­cal tech­niques to pro­tect your­self. Hope­fully, you will never have to use what you learn, but they are good skills to have at your dis­posal.- Dana

Thanks again for a great course — I def­i­nitely walked out feel­ing much more informed, con­fi­dent, and strong. I’d never been ‘allowed’ to hit or kick hard before, and it was lib­er­at­ing and makes me feel like I can fight like
hell if I ever need to defend myself against some­one. I’m also walk­ing around now, try­ing to be more aware and pro-active when it comes to keep­ing myself out of sketchy sit­u­a­tions and run­ning sce­nar­ios and plans in my head. So, thanks! — Meig