KIDS acronym stands for ”Keep­ing our Chil­dren Informed, Defen­si­ble and Safer.” Our motto for our child and par­ent safety pro­gram is “Enlighten Not Frighten.”


SAFE Kids for Tweens

Fight Back for KIDS

Fight Back for Teen Girls

Par­ents 1:  Safe Kids For Par­ents (Abduc­tion Pre­ven­tion)

Par­ents 2: Safe Kids For Par­ents (Sex­ual Exploita­tion Pre­ven­tion)


This video graph­i­cally demon­strates why teach­ing a child to just yell “this isn’t my dad, this isn’t my mom” is a thing of the past. 


This video reveals a great exam­ple of what a child should do, God for­bid, they are actu­ally grabbed by an abduc­tor:


This video is a social exper­i­ment that shows how inef­fec­tive “Stranger Dan­ger” truly is: