If you are look­ing for the best in self pro­tec­tion train­ing to pre­vent your­self from being a vic­tim and pro­tect your­self against real world phys­i­cal encoun­ters this is the course for you! We are one of the few com­pa­nies that offer real­ity based Women’s Self Defense in Vic­to­ria BC. Our tech­niques are based on what works in the real world, not in the ring or octa­gon.

The Fight Back for Women Pro­gram is designed to pro­vide par­tic­i­pants with sim­ple and real­is­tic self defense tech­niques that are sim­ple, easy, usable and retain-able by the par­tic­i­pant under stress, should the par­tic­i­pant have to phys­i­cally defend them self from an attacker. The goal of this pro­gram is not to turn you into a mar­tial artist or street fighter, but rather to give you the phys­i­cal skills needed to “stun” your attacker thus giv­ing you the chance to get away. 

We offer this pro­gram in sev­eral for­mats, Part 1, Part 2, or the full 7 hour pro­gram.

Part 1: This 3 hour pro­gram includes:

  • 4 D’s of a Con­fronta­tion
  • Pre­ven­tion Strate­gies
  • Sit­u­a­tional Aware­ness
  • Advan­tages of Being a Woman
  • Using Fear to Your Advan­tage
  • Basic Strikes
  • Wrist Grabs
  • Escape from a choke

Part 2: This 3 hour pro­gram includes:

  • Review of Part 1
  • The SAFE Prin­ci­ple
  • Strike First Prin­ci­ple
  • Men­tal Atti­tude vs. Tech­nique
  • Predator/ Prey Mind­set
  • Grabs/ Hugs from front/rear
  • Fight­ing from the ground
  • Rape breaks”
  • Real­ity based sce­nar­ios that allow you to take every­thing you have learned in Part 1 and Part 2 and apply it in real life sce­nar­ios.

***Pre-requsite: Par­tic­i­pants must have taken Part 1 in order to reg­is­ter for Part 2

Com­fort­able cloth­ing and footwear is rec­om­mended

Sem­i­nar Length: 

Part 1: 3 hours
Part 2: 3 hours
Part 1 and 2 Com­bined: 7 hours

Sem­i­nar Cost: 

Part 1: $50/ Per­son (plus GST)
Part 2: $50/ Per­son (plus GST)
Part 1 and 2: $89/ per­son (plus GST). Includes book: “Total Aware­ness: A Woman’s Safety Book” — Dar­ren and Beth Laur.

Group Rates: Book a class for 10 peo­ple and your reg­is­tra­tion is FREE!

Class Size: 

max­i­mum 14 par­tic­i­pants
min­i­mum 6 par­tic­i­pants

Prices listed reflect pro­grams deliv­ered in the Greater Vic­to­ria area.  For those who are inter­ested in our pro­grams out­side of Greater Vic­to­ria, please con­tact us directly for a quote

For infor­ma­tion on reg­is­tra­tion, pric­ing, and group book­ing please con­tact us directly.