Being a real­tor is a high risk pro­fes­sion! It is one of the few pro­fes­sions that you con­stantly place your­self in poten­tially com­pro­mis­ing sit­u­a­tions, often work­ing alone, and often inter­act­ing with peo­ple you don’t know very well.

We want you to feel safe doing what you do best- Sell­ing Homes!

This 3 hour course was designed to give you the tools and train­ing you need to pre­vent your­self, and your clients, from being a vic­tim. We dis­cuss a wide range of top­ics includ­ing pre­ven­tion strate­gies, de-escalation strate­gies, and finally, teach you the hands on skills required to “stun” your attacker thus giv­ing you the chance to get away. The hands on skills are sim­ple and real­is­tic self-defense tech­niques that are usable and retain-able, should you have to phys­i­cally defend your­self from an attacker. Men and Women are encour­aged to attend!

Top­ics cov­ered in this sem­i­nar include:

The 4 D’s of any con­fronta­tion
Show­ing a Home
Open Houses
Client Safety
Sit­u­a­tional Aware­ness
Strik­ing first
The use of the fear emo­tion as an ally
Develop assertive­ness skills
Phys­i­cal self-defense skills

Com­fort­able cloth­ing and footwear is rec­om­mended

Sem­i­nar Length:
3 hours

Sem­i­nar Cost:

Class Size:
max­i­mum 14 par­tic­i­pants
min­i­mum 8 par­tic­i­pants

Prices listed reflect pro­grams deliv­ered in the Greater Vic­to­ria area. For those who are inter­ested in our pro­grams out­side of Greater Vic­to­ria, please con­tact us directly for a quote.

For infor­ma­tion on reg­is­tra­tion, pric­ing, and group book­ing please con­tact us directly.