I would rec­om­mend the “Fight Back for Women” to all women. The skills you learn in the sem­i­nar are invalu­able in giv­ing you those few extra sec­onds to stun your attack­er and get away. Your con­fi­dence in your abil­i­ties to defend your­self will increase and you will learn prac­ti­cal tech­niques to pro­tect your­self. Hope­ful­ly, you will nev­er have to use what you learn, but they are good skills to have at your dis­pos­al. — Anony­mous

Thanks again for a great course — I def­i­nite­ly walked out feel­ing much more informed, con­fi­dent, and strong. I’d nev­er been ‘allowed’ to hit or kick hard before, and it was lib­er­at­ing and makes me feel like I can fight like hell if I ever need to defend myself against some­one. I’m also walk­ing around now, try­ing to be more aware and pro-active when it comes to keep­ing myself out of sketchy sit­u­a­tions and run­ning sce­nar­ios and plans in my head. So, thanks! — Anony­mous

Real­ly great course. Lots of great tips and prac­tice! — Anony­mous

Awe­some work­shop! Com­bines knowl­edge with hands on exer­cis­es. — Anony­mous

I real­ly enjoyed this pro­gram! It was very inter­est­ing and infor­ma­tive and very well orga­nized. I espe­cial­ly liked the way the infor­ma­tion was com­bined with hands on work. — Anony­mous

I love *your* enthu­si­asm and how much you could teach in a short peri­od of time. I thought that this class would be long but it went by very quick­ly as I was so engaged with what was being said. I like how *you* tied in real life sto­ries not the class. Thank you so much! - Anony­mous

Very enjoy­able. Real­ly liked the hands on grabs, the elbow/ knee, the hand grabs and how to get out of them. Good bal­ance of hands on and pre­sen­ta­tion at begin­ning. — Anony­mous

Lots of info. Very fast paced. Very thor­ough instruc­tor- made it very inter­est­ing. — Anony­mous

I liked the real­is­tic sit­u­a­tions. I wish it was longer to have more time to prac­tice! - Anony­mous

Per­son­able instruc­tor. Sense of humour. Fun! - Anony­mous

Work­shop was fan­tas­tic! Enjoyed the open dis­cus­sions and hands on activ­i­ties. Like how it was real world sit­u­a­tions. - Anony­mous

Thank you. I feel like I learned a mil­lion things and this class was extreme­ly help­ful. *You* are the per­fect instruc­tor. — Anony­mous

Very engag­ing. - Anony­mous

I thor­ough­ly enjoyed the course. Not only did it pro­vide real­is­tic sit­u­a­tions, it also gave real­is­tic ways to fight back.- Anony­mous

Great pace of course. Like hav­ing tools to put in my bas­ket for being out on the street.- Anony­mous

The course was very infor­ma­tive and thor­ough. Instruc­tor was approach­able. Rec­om­mend this course.- Anony­mous

Love the hands on train­ing. Changed my per­spec­tive on a lot of things I nev­er thought twice about. — Anony­mous

Thanks! I enjoyed it. Changed my per­spec­tive because I always viewed self defence cours­es aimed at women as dis­em­pow­er­ing and fear mon­ger­ing. The oppo­site here. — Anony­mous

Very infor­ma­tive and con­fi­dence build­ing. I was ner­vous at first but Kris’s nature put me at ease. — Anony­mous

I did not know what to expect and felt intim­i­dat­ed but as soon as I walked in I felt very com­fort­able with Kris. Learned a lot of very help­ful infor­ma­tion. Thank you. — Anony­mous

Fan­tas­tic instruc­tion in self pro­tec­tion. — Anony­mous

Good and sup­port­ive demon­stra­tions. Up-beat pre­sen­ta­tion. - Anony­mous

I real­ly appre­ci­ate what you do. Thank you for pro­vid­ing this course. I learned a lot. — Anony­mous

Great job. Felt safe and com­fort­able. — Anony­mous

You suc­cess­ful­ly pushed every­ones lim­its to ain in the learn­ing of self-pro­tec­tion and self con­fi­dence yet you still respect­ed peo­ple bound­aries and encour­aged them. I learned a lot! Thank you.  — Anony­mous

The real sit­u­a­tions were very effec­tive and scary. I found them very help­ful. — Anony­mous

Excel­lent Pro­gram- Learned a lot…Great, relat­able, real. — Anony­mous

Loved this class, I love the real world sce­nar­ios! It helped me think of things I would nev­er have thought to try or say to defuse a sit­u­a­tion before it gets to a bad sit­u­a­tion. — Anony­mous

The instruc­tion was very com­pre­hen­sive and I appre­ci­ate the sim­ple rules. — Anony­mous

Thank you. I feel more com­fort­able going away now know­ing tech­niques and hav­ing con­fi­dence in them and myself. — Anony­mous

Thank you so much for all the tools and tech­niques. Real­ly appre­ci­ate the real­i­ty train­ing at the end- Gave me con­fi­dence.- Anony­mous

Fan­tas­tic Pro­gram! Lots of spunk and high­ly infor­ma­tive. Keep rock­ing! — Anony­mous

So ener­giz­ing and fun. Made me feel strong and pow­er­ful! — Anony­mous

I loved what I learned today! — Anony­mous

I real­ly enjoyed the Sheep­dog Self Pro­tec­tion for Women Part 1. I learned a lot of things I believe will be sim­ple enough to retain. Very use­ful course. Thanks! — Anony­mous

Thank you so much. Amaz­ing! — Anony­mous

Good con­tent, con­text, and ener­gy. Prac­tice is good. Tips on breath­ing out, open hands = speed. Thanks for offer­ing this! — Anony­mous

I enjoyed the phys­i­cal prac­tice and the sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness. The elbow strike is my new best friend. What you said about how a woman can project how she is viewed through pos­ture and tone of voice was infor­ma­tive. — Anony­mous

Loved the detailed info and phys­i­cal con­tact prac­tice. — Anony­mous

Pro­vid­ed me an increased sense of con­fi­dence. Self Pro­tec­tion, not Self Defense. Mind shift — Anony­mous

Much more con­fi­dent in pro­tect­ing myself by using loud voice and strength tech­niques. — Anony­mous

Very Pow­er­ful Pro­gram. Thank you for shar­ing your back­ground. — Anony­mous

I am more aware of how I should hold my keys because often I am in sketchy places at work. - Anony­mous

It was great! — Anony­mous

Loved the advice re: avoid­ance or get­ting away. Safe­ty- Loved the phys­i­cal prac­tice for when we could not. Love the infor­ma­tion on the bus. — Anony­mous

Pos­i­tive- Focus on pre­ven­tion and sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness.- Anony­mous

Thank you! I feel more con­fi­dent in han­dling a sit­u­a­tion where I may pre­vi­ous­ly have frozen. — Anony­mous

Very infor­ma­tive. Good bal­ance between lit­er­a­ture and hands on prac­tice. — Anony­mous

Very help­ful to me. Good pace. Friend­ly atmos­phere. Great hands on approach. — Anony­mous

Learned great strate­gies to pro­tect myself. Great instruc­tor; inter­est­ing, relat­able, fun­ny.  Peaked my inter­est to fur­ther­ing my self-pro­tec­tion. great val­ue for $$$.- Anony­mous

Love the hands on train­ing. Love the take­away which is empow­er­ment and con­fi­dence to fight back. — Anony­mous

Prac­ti­cal skills tied back to an easy to remem­ber acronym. — Anony­mous

Liked your sto­ry exam­ples. Liked you seri­ous yet fun teach­ing style. Thank you! — Anony­mous

Loved the whole pack­age. Nice bal­ance of info and hands on time. Loved grip and choke breaks. Super fun atmos­phere. You rock! — Anony­mous

Enthu­si­asm. Lots of hands on. Able to cor­rect gen­tly. Time went by too quick­ly. Excel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion.  — Anony­mous

Very instruc­tive. Came as a favour to a friend and was not enthu­si­as­tic but sur­prised myself by enjoy­ing it. Like the easy phys­i­cal move­ments. Ver­bal instruc­tion was inter­est­ing. Teacher was very engag­ing. — Anony­mous

So many vey do-able skills! Updat­ed from what I learned years ago. Very use­ful for all girls and women. A reminder that we are stronger than what we think. I liked the back­ground sto­ries. Felt very relat­able. Thank you!  — Anony­mous

Thought it was great! Didn’t have me feel­ing like I was too old to pro­tect myself. Great use of body parts. Good mix for all ages.  — Anony­mous

Great voice pro­jec­tion. Love the way you picked up on my daugh­ters nat­ur­al timid­ness, and helped her through it. Great way of per­son­al­ly inter­act­ing with every­one.  — Anony­mous

I liked learn­ing how to get out of a bad sit­u­a­tions. You’re real­ly nice and made it fun and not uncom­fort­able as I thought it would be. — Anony­mous

Loved the atmos­phere. Knowl­edge­able train­er. Fun class. Liked the tech­niques. — Anony­mous

Kris, you are per­son­able, real, and incred­i­bly engag­ing. Thank you. I like the hands on “train like you fight”. No Tip­py toe­ing over sen­si­tive top­ics- call it hat it is, sex­u­al assault, rape, preda­tors. Pos­i­tive self talk– “I am strong’.  — Anony­mous

Well pre­sent­ed. Well paced. Good sup­port­ive infor­ma­tion and sto­ries. Good job! — Anony­mous

I liked learn­ing about…Proper tech­nique for more pow­er in a strike. — Anony­mous

I liked the hands on and that it was a com­fort­able envi­ron­ment. — Anony­mous

I learned how to trust my instincts and to accept that there is dan­ger and how to avoid it. — Anony­mous

I CAN keep myself safe. I CAN scream. I CAN hit hard.  — Anony­mous

I learned so much and feel way more con­fi­dent that I can pro­tect myself. — Anony­mous

Sce­nario work is great and real­i­ty based train­ing- real­ly FUN! — Anony­mous

Great to have Fran­cois! — Anony­mous

Excel­lent phys­i­cal train­ing. Fab­u­lous sce­nar­ios. Great to have Fran­cois. — Anony­mous

Fan­tas­tic! Rec­og­niz­ing threats and how to deal with them was help­ful. Thanks. — Anony­mous

Real­ly great course! I like the local news arti­cles. Great con­tent! — Anony­mous

I loved how it was very open and you were open to any ques­tions. — Anony­mous

I appre­ci­at­ed hear­ing all your very smart rea­sons for using the tech­niques you taught. — Anony­mous

Pre­ven­tion strate­gies were very help­ful; also explain­ing the dif­fer­ent “sup­plies” that you can car­ry to pro­tect your­self (ie. tip about car­ry­ing flash­lights). — Anony­mous

Great rel­e­vant mate­r­i­al. Per­fect pace for class. Would rec­om­mend to every­one. — Anony­mous

Love the humour and Kris’s abil­i­ty to cap­ture your atten­tion right at the begin­ning. — Anony­mous

Excel­lent hands on prac­tice. — Anony­mous

Loved it. Awe­some points that I will use in my trav­els. Thank you. — Anony­mous

(like the.…) hands on repet­i­tive prac­tice build up pow­er. — Anony­mous

I liked every­thing! — Anony­mous

(Kris) made the class feel com­fort­able. — Anony­mous

Lots of great use­ful infor­ma­tion. Not only the “what” but the “why”. Thank you for what you do.- Anony­mous

Learned a lot and got some new ideas. — Anony­mous

Great class- learned a lot.- Anony­mous

Awe­some! Vey prac­ti­cal. Lots of oppor­tu­ni­ties for hands on prac­tice.- Anony­mous

Excel­lent deliv­ery. Just enough infor­ma­tion. Per­fect instruc­tion. You made it fun and inter­ac­tive. Per­fect! — Anony­mous

Your instruc­tions were very clear and your teach­ing style is incred­i­bly empow­er­ing. Than you for your time. Can’t wait for part 2!- Anony­mous

Great job! I am more aware of what I am now capa­ble of. I will prac­tice! Thank you. — Anony­mous

Fight Back for WISER Woman: 55+

Very infor­ma­tive. Well done. I will rec­om­mend this to oth­ers. — Anony­mous

Great pre­sen­ta­tion. — Anony­mous

Very infor­ma­tive. — Anony­mous

Great pre­sen­ta­tion. — Anony­mous

Enjoyed it a lot. Well pre­sent­ed. Thank you. — Anony­mous

Very knowl­edge­able pre­sen­ter. Well deliv­ered. Answered all ques­tions. — Anony­mous

Great expla­na­tions, ratio­nal, tech­niques. Very dynam­ic. — Anony­mous

Excel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion. I learned a lot. Good demon­stra­tions. Answered ques­tions well. — Anony­mous

Very good. Thank you. — Anony­mous

Excel­lent. — Anony­mous

Loved your pre­sen­ta­tion style. Very pow­er­ful. Some very good tips. — Anony­mous

You are awe­some. — Anony­mous

Excel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion. Strong points. Visu­al exam­ples. Good advice on per­son­al space. Use your voice. Dial 911. — Anony­mous

Kris, enjoyed the talk and learned new thoughts. - Anony­mous

Great sense of humour. Well said. — Anony­mous

Heard well. Love the fact that you intro­duce your­self. Good stuff. - Anony­mous

You pro­ject­ed your voice well. You pro­vid­ed lots of use­ful tips. Well done I will rec­om­mend it to oth­ers. — Anony­mous

Very infor­ma­tive. Thank you. — Anony­mous

Excel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion. Lots of good tips. Use of audi­ence in demos.- Anony­mous