Kris Gref­fard, Owner/ Lead Instructor 

Kris is a law enforce­ment pro­fes­sion­al in the Province of British Colum­bia. She has been a police offi­cer for 14 years. She is cer­ti­fied through the Jus­tice Insti­tute of British Colum­bia (JIBC) as a Cer­ti­fied Use of Force Instruc­tor. Kris has a Bach­e­lor of Arts in Recre­ation and Health Edu­ca­tion through the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vic­to­ria as well as an Asso­ciate Cer­tifi­cate in Lead­er­ship and Con­flict Res­o­lu­tion through the JIBC . She has been train­ing in self pro­tec­tion and com­bat­ives since 2005. She began train­ing under the instruc­tion of Dar­ren Laur with Per­son­al Pro­tec­tion Sys­tems Inc (PPS). Kris became a full time instruc­tor for PPS in 2010. In 2016 Dar­ren gave Kris his best wish­es to con­tin­ue to deliv­er self-pro­tec­tion and safe­ty pro­grams through Kris’s new com­pa­ny, Sheep­dog Self-Pro­tec­tion Inc.

As a moth­er of 2 employed in a high risk pro­fes­sion, Kris has devot­ed her­self to self pro­tec­tion train­ing, doing every­thing pos­si­ble to ensure she kiss­es her babies good­night. Kris takes pride in pro­vid­ing the best train­ing pos­si­ble to ensure you do the same. Kris and her team are pas­sion­ate about teach­ing you the skills, phys­i­cal­ly and men­tal­ly, to sur­vive. As a par­ent, Kris under­stands the impor­tance of teach­ing chil­dren safe­ty and is ded­i­cat­ed to pro­vid­ing chil­dren with the tools they need to make it home safe.

Rob Horne, Instruc­tor
Bylaw Offi­cer Pro­tec­tive Force Options, Inte­grat­ed Street Com­bat­ives,
Phys­i­cal Abil­i­ties Test Administrator

Rob is a law enforce­ment pro­fes­sion­al in the Province of British Colum­bia. He has been a police offi­cer for 14 years. He is cer­ti­fied through the Jus­tice Insti­tute of British Colum­bia as a Cer­ti­fied Use of Force Instruc­tor. Rob has been train­ing in self pro­tec­tion and com­bat­ives since 2010. Rob is an instruc­tor for ISC and assists with Fight Back for Women. He is a cer­ti­fied Phys­i­cal Abil­i­ties Test admin­is­tra­tor. Rob’s pas­sion is Brazil­ian Jiu Jitsu.

Chris Spar­go, Instruc­tor 
Man­ag­ing Aggres­sive Peo­ple, Total Aware­ness,
Bylaw Offi­cer Pro­tec­tive Force Options, Phys­i­cal Abil­i­ties Test Administrator

Chris retired from law enforce­ment in 2018 after 29 years of polic­ing. Chris spent 13 years as a Sergeant, 18 years as a firearms instruc­tor, and 16 years on the Emer­gency Response Team. His back­ground includes patrol, bikes, beat, traf­fic, crowd man­age­ment, inter­nal inves­ti­ga­tions, oper­a­tional plan­ning, and train­ing.  Chris is a cer­ti­fied Phys­i­cal Abil­i­ties Test Admin­is­tra­tor. Chris is the lead instruc­tor for the Man­ag­ing Aggres­sive Peo­ple pro­gram and Total Aware­ness pro­gram. He also assists in the deliv­ery of Bylaw Pro­tec­tive Force Options Training.

Mike Mas­sine, Instruc­tor
Offi­cer Safe­ty, Use of Force The­o­ry, Report Writing/ Articulation

Mike spent 32 years in law enforce­ment and polic­ing work­ing in Cor­rec­tions, Mil­i­tary Police, and 2 Munic­i­pal Police Depart­ments. Mike retired in 2019 to join the Min­istry of Pub­lic Safe­ty and Solic­i­tor Gen­er­al as a Senior Pro­gram Man­ag­er in a police over­sight role. Mike has worked in many roles through­out his career but his main focus was on Emer­gency Response Team oper­a­tions, cri­sis inter­ven­tion and de-esca­la­tion, use of force the­o­ry, artic­u­la­tion, and relat­ed pol­i­cy and pro­ce­dures. Mike is also cer­ti­fied by the Province and JIBC as an Advanced Secu­ri­ty Train­ing (AST) Instruc­tor. He is an aspir­ing rock n’ roll drum­mer with visions of one day tour­ing the world while mak­ing peo­ple dance.

Sarah Bull, Instruc­tor
Ani­mal Con­trol, Offi­cer Safe­ty, and Ani­mal Cap­ture Methods

Sarah has been a Bylaw and Ani­mal Con­trol Offi­cer for over 18 years in a large munic­i­pal­i­ty in Metro Van­cou­ver. She pos­sess­es over 25 years of knowl­edge, skills, and expe­ri­ences in ani­mal health, wel­fare, han­dling, care, and con­trol. Offi­cer safe­ty, pub­lic safe­ty, and ani­mal safe­ty are Sarah’s pri­or­i­ties. Sarah has led dan­ger­ous dog inves­ti­ga­tions that have pro­ceed­ed to Provin­cial Court and suc­cess­ful­ly result­ed in enhanced pub­lic safe­ty mea­sures in the com­mu­ni­ty. She has also pro­vid­ed expert opin­ion and con­sul­ta­tion with legal coun­sel for ani­mal con­trol relat­ed cas­es. Sarah and her fam­i­ly share their lives with 2 fab­u­lous felines, Mag­ic and Ahsoka. 

Mar­tine Renaud, ***Upcom­ing Train­er***
1:1 Per­son­al Train­ing, Kick My Ass Com­bat­ive Fit­ness Instructor

Mar­tine is a law enforce­ment pro­fes­sion­al in the Province of British Colum­bia.  She has been a police offi­cer since 1996 when she was recruit­ed by the Roy­al Cana­di­an Mount­ed Police. Mar­tine draws upon her per­son­al expe­ri­ences to pro­vide a ful­some and intu­itive approach to her clients. Mar­tine is a fit­ness lover and excels in a vari­ety of fields includ­ing run­ning, swim­ming, cycling, strength train­ing, and snow­board­ing. She is excit­ed to share her pas­sion and knowl­edge with you and is com­mit­ted to see­ing you reach your max­i­mum poten­tial, per­son­al­ly and pro­fes­sion­al­ly.  Mar­tine’s mot­to: “Let’s grow together”!

Kim Basi, Instructor/ Role Player

Kim retired in 2020 after work­ing 30 years in law enforce­ment.  Kim start­ed her career as a 911 oper­a­tor / dis­patch­er and then became a police offi­cer.  Kim worked with high risk youth in the Greater Vic­to­ria area. She spent time in traf­fic, Crime Pre­ven­tion, and was a School Liai­son Offi­cer.  A major­i­ty of Kim’s career was been work­ing with youths, which is her passion. 

Peter Gill, Instruc­tor
Inte­grat­ed Street Com­bat­ives, Kick My Ass Com­bat­ives Fitness

Peter is cur­rent­ly in his 26th year of polic­ing on Van­cou­ver Island. He has a pas­sion for train­ing and help­ing peo­ple achieve their goals and aspi­ra­tions. Peter has had a diverse Law Enforce­ment career rang­ing from Pri­ma­ry Response, Com­mu­ni­ty Polic­ing , Gang Sec­tion , Sec­ond­ment to Behav­iour­al Sci­ences Group Major Crime Sec­tion RCMP, Use of Force Instruc­tor and a devo­tion to Coach­ing and Men­tor­ing. His love for his fam­i­ly is quin­tes­sen­tial to who he is.

Freya Mason, Assis­tant
Phys­i­cal Abil­i­ties Testing

Freya is our San­i­ti­za­tion Spe­cial­ist! Through­out COVID she has been keep­ing our staff and our par­tic­i­pants safe and for that we can not thank her enough. At 16, Freya brings an amaz­ing atti­tude to the train­ing envi­ron­ment, sim­i­lar to the mind­set she brings to the bas­ket­ball court. In our eyes… Freya is ROCKSTAR!