Although hav­ing a back ground in com­bat­ive sports includ­ing Karate, Jeet June Do Kung Fu, and box­ing, there was always one thing miss­ing from my train­ing: expo­sure to real world con­di­tions.  Despite being able to take and deliv­er a punch, the con­cept of uncon­trolled aggres­sion on the street caused me great anx­i­ety and, to put it hon­est­ly, fear.  I sought out ISC to get the kind of train­ing that would devel­op my phy­co­log­i­cal con­fi­dence  as well as give me sim­ple yet pow­er­ful skills to deal with the brief and bru­tal con­fronta­tions that occur in real­i­ty. ISC gave me both these tools and, more impor­tant­ly, taught me to rec­og­nize and avoid sit­u­a­tions that could lead to pos­si­ble trou­ble. The train­ing is not about ego or being a “tough guy”. It is about being a con­fi­dent, aware, pre­pared, and phys­i­cal­ly  com­pe­tent per­son who ulti­mate­ly is not a soft tar­get when out in the world. — Dave

While ISC trains good phys­i­cal skills, its strength lies in its abil­i­ty to train a tru­ly pre­pared and resilient mind. ISC pre­pares you for the unknown. Fear gives way to con­fi­dence and this trans­lates to both the street as well as oth­er aspects of your life.While ISC trains good phys­i­cal skills, its strength lies in its abil­i­ty to train a tru­ly pre­pared and resilient mind. ISC pre­pares you for the unknown. Fear gives way to con­fi­dence and this trans­lates to both the street as well as oth­er aspects of your life.- Rob

ISC was one of the best deci­sions I have ever made. Over the course of 6 months, I improved my fit­ness, learned invalu­able skills and made sol­id friend­ships. Most impor­tant­ly I gained con­fi­dence  - in my skills and in myself. Because of ISC I know I could han­dle myself on the street, should it ever come to that. — Siobhann

Just recent­ly I proud­ly grad­u­at­ed from the ISC Junior Class with a num­ber of oth­er fan­tas­tic indi­vid­u­als. This was my first taste of for­mal com­bat train­ing, and after being exposed to the Use Of Force prin­ci­ples ear­li­er in 2015 with a view to the line of work I want to get into, I feel more pre­pared and con­fi­dent in deal­ing with a ran­dom act of vio­lence in a sys­tem­at­ic, effi­cient and resilient man­ner. Why do this? Well, it’s kind of a ‘nec­es­sary evil’ or per­haps just a ‘nec­es­sary ben­e­fit’ for any­one work­ing around poten­tial obscurity.In case you were won­der­ing, this course is like noth­ing you have ever done before. You’ll learn that your phys­i­cal lim­its are much high­er than you thought, and after 6 months you’ll be killing most of your per­son­al bests. The oth­er huge take away from this course is the con­fi­dence and knowl­edge you’ll gain from learn­ing an abun­dance of strikes and how to respond to incom­ing aggres­sion. — Mark

ISC is so much bet­ter than oth­er self defense cours­es that we have tried.  It chal­lenges us both phys­i­cal­ly and men­tal­ly and  teach­es skills that has made us more con­fi­dent in our abil­i­ty to deal with any phys­i­cal threat. — Mark and Deb

ISC has filled some need­ed gaps in both my per­son­al train­ing and profes‎sional skill-sets, neat­ly com­bin­ing both per­son­al fit­ness and self-aware­ness with defence tech­niques that are blunt­ly prac­ti­cal. There are few hard and fast rules in ISC, only actions that are more or less desir­able. This has meant it has added to my skills, not caused con­flicts with my pre­vi­ous learn­ing.- Peter

This course has giv­en me a ton of con­fi­dence when hav­ing to go hands on. The incre­men­tal approach to train­ing ensures a good foun­da­tion for basic skills. I would high­ly rec­om­mend it to any­one. — Sam

Came in not know­ing what to expect but the class showed me my strengths and weak­ness­es. It was amaz­ing. — Stu­dent, Class 004

This was a fan­tas­tic expe­ri­ence and Im so glad I stuck with it out. Its very reward­ing. I learned a lot that will help me mov­ing for­ward. — Katie

ISC will push you, ter­ri­fy you, and reward you beyond any­thing or any oth­er pro­gram you can find. Do your­self a favour, do it!- Stu­dent, Class 004

I was dri­ven to push through dis­com­fort, pain, and fatigue. I was not going to give up. What I learned is gold to me mak­ing me feel empow­ered. — Nancy

I am 32 and con­fi­dence has always been an issue for me. This course changed that. I am con­fi­dent, in shape, and can hold my head high now. This course has changed my out­look on life, as it is a lit­er­al­ly a life chang­ing. Tak­ing this course was the best deci­sion I have made in a long time. It will help me in my per­son­al life and in my career. — Stu­dent, Class 004

Love the account­abil­i­ty.- Stu­dent, Class 004

ISC helped me over­come inter­nal fears I had. As a small femaleI won­dered if I would be phys­i­cal­ly capa­ble of being a police offi­cer. ISC gave me the con­fi­dence, self dis­ci­pline, and skills I need to move for­ward and chase my dream. I am so thank­ful and grate­ful to have had the oppor­tu­ni­ty. The ISC fam­i­ly is strong and are there to moti­vate you and push through your worst. I have noth­ing but pos­i­tive expe­ri­ences and mem­o­ries that will stick with me in pur­suit of my career. — Jessie

ISC was exact­ly what I need­ed phys­i­cal­ly but even mores emo­tion­al­ly. From build­ing a friend and gam­i­ly base here on the island to con­quer­ing inner demons. I appre­ci­ate the push I was giv­en. ISC has made me want more from myself. I am proud to be a part of such a beau­ti­ful cul­ture. — Jen

Most chal­leng­ing pro­gram since the infantry. — Dale

If you want to be test­ed men­tal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly, this course is for you. You real­ly do get out what you put in. Knowl­edge­able instruc­tors and a demand­ing course devel­op your skills. I would high­ly rec­om­mend it. — Owen

ISC was the most chal­leng­ing and fun oppor­tu­ni­ty. Over the last 6 months I have watched my phys­i­cal abil­i­ties improve and become more con­fi­dent going hands on. — Stu­dent, Class 004

This class has been one of the most chal­leng­ing things I have ever done, men­tal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly. It has pushed me beyond any­where I could have imag­ined. I will go out into the world with more con­fi­dence and strength than ever. Life chang­ing expe­ri­ence. — Arlana

When I first signed up for ISC I had no idea what I was get­ting myself into. I’ve always want­ed to take a self-defense class or some kind of mar­tial art, but nev­er did by fear of fail­ing, or find­ing myself in a set­ting where egos are involved. Real­ly, I was only mak­ing excus­es for not get­ting out of my com­fort zone. With the help of Kris, François, all the seniors and every­one in my class, I recent­ly grad­u­at­ed from the junior ISC pro­gram. I am pret­ty damn proud of it. I am 5’3’’, don’t car­ry a lot of weight with me and def­i­nite­ly not a con­fronta­tion­al per­son by nature. The pro­gram was very chal­leng­ing for me and proved that mind over mat­ter is real. A num­ber of times I felt like giv­ing up because I thought I couldn’t do it. But I did. What makes ISC so spe­cial to me is the com­mu­ni­ty aspect of it. Through every­one of those class­es, you find a fam­i­ly that sup­ports and helps you. It’s because of this that I made it to the end. Giv­ing up is easy, push­ing through when you are strug­gling, that is the reward­ing part. I would have nev­er expect­ed to blos­som in an envi­ron­ment where my body and mind are con­stant­ly telling me to give up from the phys­i­cal train­ing, while hav­ing seniors coach and inspire me to do bet­ter. And I did, we all did. High five to all of us. If you want a chal­lenge, push your­self to your very lim­it and see how far you can go; try ISC.- Marnie

ISC gives your the oppor­tu­ni­ty to push your­self and tru­ly see what you are capa­ble of. But! You tru­ly need to push your­self. - Naw­id

This pro­gram has pro­vid­ed me with more con­fi­dence and strength that I could ever have imag­ined. I feel more pre­pared for life out­side of polic­ing when I do not have access to my duty belt. Words can­not describe how thank­ful I am. - Chelsea

A big men­tal and phys­i­cal chal­lenge but so worth it. The instruc­tors lead with tough love and a great sense of humour. Every­one comes togeth­er like a true fam­i­ly. I feel so much safer in my every­day ;life as a medi­um statured female, know­ing that I have been build­ing the skills to kick ass if that chal­lenge presents itself. Thank you Kris and Fran­cois and all of the seniors who helped out and my fam­i­ly of juniors (and seniors). — Courtney

Pushed hard­er than any­time in my life and I am so proud that I grad­u­at­ed. The instruc­tors push you beyond what you think is pos­si­ble and I appre­ci­ate that. - Stu­dent, Class 005

Great seniors that push you. Phys­i­cal­ly demand­ing. Learn some­thing new every­day. Learned to always be aware of my situation/ sur­round­ings. - Stu­dent, Class 005

What did you like most about ISC? Get­ting us to face our fears. Step by step class by class techique. Learn­ing is awe­some. Fill force brain 3 train­ing is a great way to learn. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Hit­ting us with pads when we weren’t pro­tect­ing our heads and the rep­e­ti­tion of strikes and theory.
- Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Great at teach­ing skills in pieces and in brains 1–3. Great sense of fam­i­ly. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Pro­vid­ing POPAT train­ing. Accom­mo­dat­ing to oth­er fight styles and patient with areas of strug­gle. Was under­stand­ing to per­son­al issues in my per­son­al life. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Great instruc­tion, loved the one on one time to helps us real­ly get it. Great phi­los­o­phy over­all. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Loved the the­o­ry behind every­thing and the arti­cles and home­work. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISCEncour­ag­ing and pos­i­tive. Works your con­fi­dence and helps bet­ter our­selves in class. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? I real­ly appre­ci­at­ed the high lev­el of instruc­tor from the instruc­tors. The read­ings and videos were very edu­ca­tion­al. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Encour­ag­ing, posi­ti­tive feed­back. PT (Phys­i­cal Train­ing) kicked my butt in the begin­ning but feel­ing bet­ter at the end. - Stu­dent, Class 006

What did you like most about ISC? Great learn­ing pace. Sol­id instruc­tion. Con­fi­dence to pro­tect myself. So much fun! Appre­ci­a­tion for being vig­i­lant. Thanks guys. — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? I real­ly enjoyed the com­bi­na­tion of high inten­si­ty train­ing and strik­ing. I love the group atmos­phere. I am a lot more con­fi­dence now then I was when I first start­ed. I real­ly enjoyed the vari­ety of strikes and kicks I learned.  — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? Love the Inten­si­ty. Love the way each class pushed me in dif­fer­ent ways. The use­ful­ness of the skills in so many dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions. The way we are taught the skills in stages to build on them. Women and men being treat­ed the same. Love Kris and Fran­cois! — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? Phys­i­cal train­ing. Team­work. Com­bined train­ing with seniors. Con­struc­tive crit­i­cism and push­ing us past out lim­its. — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? I liked the arti­cles. Class­es with seniors. Learn­ing all the strikes, kicks, etc. Being pushed to my lim­it. The men­tal com­po­nent that was includ­ed into ISC- Men­tal Strength. — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? Con­fi­dence and the skills you learn. How to feel assertive/ strong non your envi­ron­ment. Like repet­i­tive teach­ing. Respectful/ safe place to train. — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? I liked every­thing about this class. The brain 3 expe­ri­ence. The community/ team. The con­fi­dence. — Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? I real­ly liked the real­is­tic train­ing aspect of the course. I also real­ly enjoyed read­ing the arti­cles, they were very infor­ma­tive (par­tic­u­lar­ly aspects of fear and SSR). - Stu­dent, Class 007

What did you like most about ISC? I love the sup­port and team envi­ron­ment the class cre­ates to help push you to work hard­er. — Stu­dent, Class 007

ISC is very good at ingrain­ing imag­i­na­tion and emo­tion. You guys are fan­tas­tic instruc­tors! — Stu­dent, Class 009

I liked… train­ing with imag­i­na­tion and emo­tion, real life exam­ples, the the­o­ry to go along with the prac­ti­cal, and the inten­si­ty. — Stu­dent, Class 009

I liked…the group men­tal­i­ty and the instruc­tors (and guest instruc­tors- they tru­ly seem to care about your achieve­ment and every­one doing well in ISC and that means a lot and makes us want to work hard­er. — Stu­dent, Class 009

I liked… the great vari­ety of skills learned in the pro­gram and over­all very cohe­sive on how things fit togeth­er. I liked the out­doors in the sum­mer, regard­less of COVID, it was great. Great instruc­tors! — Stu­dent, Class 009