Nev­er run the test before? Have no idea what to expect?

PAT Camp pro­vides you with an intro­duc­tion to your test. We will walk you through each stage of the test, pro­vide you with the exact stan­dards pre­scribed by the offi­cial pro­to­cols, and give you the tips need­ed to assist you in achiev­ing the best time pos­si­ble. You will get full access to all the equip­ment and receive tips on how to train.



Please con­tact us direct­ly to coor­di­nate a date to book a COPAT PAT Camp.



Please vis­it our CALENDAR for upcom­ing dates.


Time and Loca­tion: 

Train­ing, Prac­tice, and Offi­cial Test­ing takes place at Nixon gym at Work Point on the CFB Esquimalt Mil­i­tary Base, Vic­to­ria, BC. Park­ing is free for par­tic­i­pants. Par­tic­i­pants are to arrive at 9:30 am to get checked in. Par­tic­i­pants must have their waiv­er form and Par-Q form com­plet­ed and with them in hand. Par­tic­i­pants must have a piece of gov­ern­ment issued pho­to I.D.



  • PAT Camp cost: $103 plus GSTMax­i­mum of 6 par­tic­i­pants.
  • To reg­is­ter CONTACT US


Waiv­er and Par-Q:

Par­tic­i­pants must com­plete and sign the below doc­u­ments and pro­duce them in hand on the date of their train­ing, prac­tice, and offi­cial test­ing:


Train­ing Tip:

Wear clean and dry run­ning shoes with good tread.  Shoes with worn out treads or that have exces­sive dirt embed­ded in the soles reduce trac­tion for the pulling and push­ing phase of the test.  Good footwear is impor­tant!